All Team Members

We are a decentralized team from diverse professional, geographical, and personal backgrounds

Here is the list of all the team members

Core Team

Jacob Adler
Chief executive officer (CEO)
Kevin Gorman
President & COO
Christopher M. O'Connor
Venture Capitalist
George Soros
Chief Financial officer (CFO)
John Hargarten
Marketing Specialist
Ben Cook
Executive Assistant
Karla Aviles
UI/UX Designer
Christina Scott
Community Manager
It’s remarkable to have such a great team and we are very thankful for all the work they do. With expertise and skills in every field, we always find new solutions to accomplish any problem.

All Other Team Members

Neville Lyn
Deon Thompson
Accounts Assistant
Ezroy Bryan
Assistant Accountant
Andrea Wallace
Barbara Madden
Digital Marketing Expert
Renee Williams
Budget Analyst
Samantha Ellis
Finance Administrator
Keith Wellington
Financial Analyst
Cristina Leurini
Investment Analyst
Daniel Virgulto
Personal Relationship Manager
Edoardo Sabatini
Roberto Ratini
Graphic Designer
Mirjam Giambone
Unreal Engine Artist
Matt Spooner
Senior 3D Motion Designer
Jay Bond
Music Producer
Mark Watson
Software Engineer