MetaGold Introduction

The Ultimate Virtual Reality Hyper-Realistic Metaverse
Free for everyone to visit and explore, MetaGold verse will replace our current experiences of TV, cinema, business communications, education, entertainment, shopping, commerce services, even search and much more.
As we continue to develop commercial partnerships providing education, leisure and commerce services we will be creating a new digital economy and breed of entrepreneurs working, creating and trading goods and services exclusively within Meta Gold verse.
Our imagination is much larger than the world we live in. But the world we live in is limited by our human body, the laws of nature, physics, and time. Welcome to MetaGold, the World’s first realistic Metaverse in VR built on the Blockchain, welcome to a world without limitations.
Our Vision for MetaGold is to create a virtual world that is both engaging and practical. Providing real solutions to many of the challenges we face both individually and collectively as an interconnected global society. A place where people come to work, rest, shop, play and learn.
We will create and nurture a self-sustaining economy of both established and new innovative businesses, with the world future-proofed, and continuing to evolve over time without dependence on its original creators.
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